Joyful Moments #202

I’ve been tracking my joyful moments for the last two years.  Every time I have a little pocket of happiness or a moment of fun, I call it out for what it is. It’s a joyful moment sandwiched in between my ordinary and sometimes stressful life.  I had my 202nd joyful moment this week. I made a frog cake. The Accountant told me it also looks like a green ghost.  I borrowed a frog pan from the cake pan collection at the public library. I got all the ingredients for the cake and looked up on the internet how to make frosting. (Sorry, Mom. I know you taught me how to make frosting, but I forgot the recipe.)  He was a happy frog until we started eating him. Then he was just a pile of crumbs.


Life is hard. There are many, many problems in the world. It’s easy to get down and worried about things.  If I didn’t count the joyful moments, I wouldn’t even see them. I’d miss the joy of recognizing the pockets of fun that are in my life.

“Joy is strength.” –Mother Teresa