My Trip to Europe

Last Friday,  I decided I needed one of those under the computer desk exercise bikes.  I spent an hour researching them on the internet. I asked around and found a friend who had one I could borrow so I could try it out. I was so excited when I placed it under my desk at work.  I imagined that I was bicycling through Europe instead of grading all the assignments kids wait to the last-minute to give to their teacher.  The bike even made a fun clanking sound that sounded like a bass drum. I imagined that I was a rock singer with that clanking sound instead of grading late work.

I had a great time and pedaled for hours as I graded and graded. I loved it! This was the best way to get exercise. It made the time go by so fast and I loved it! Then I got off the bike. I walk funny now. My legs are so sore.


I probably should have heeded the warning label about starting off any new exercise routine slowly.  At least, I got to go to Europe out of this adventure.