Reflecting on 2015


Last New Year’s Day, I imagined myself on the brink of New Years 2016.  I had a beautiful vision for my future. I didn’t get everything I hoped for last year for but I’m not discouraged. I still had a good year with lots of stuff going on. Good stuff. Bad stuff. Funny stuff. Hard stuff. Amazing Stuff. Stuff I have no idea how to explain. Just Stuff. That’s life, you know. We all get stuff and how we react is what ultimately creates the life we see at the end of the year.

Here are some of the things I learned in 2015.

I learned about the joys of green arrows and celebrating every step you make for a goal.  Read the rest of the post. traffic-lights-444639_1920

I did my first 5K and came in last place.    Race

I earned an award.

Award 2

I learned how to make salad in a jar. DSCN4088

I also met and interviewed so many wonderful Wonder Woman. Woman like SJ who taught me to be a mermaid by being yourself.  Woman like Josephina , Tiffany, Carrie and so many more. These conversations enriched my life and helped me to reflect on the power and beauty of the ordinary woman.  After all, every woman’s success can be success if I let it.

Be Awesome in 2016!