Last Place Ribbon

When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher told us a story about a man who came in last place in a race.  The entire crowd stayed and cheered for him. He won even though he lost. I have sad news for everyone. In real life, the race organizers start cleaning up the track behind you when you are the last one. I know that because I was literally the last person to finish a 4th of July 5K race this month. I could see the workers in their clean up van taking down cones behind me. They offered me a ride back to the finish line several times.  I told them no several times.

I  took a wrong turn at one point, because those overzealous race organizers took down the directional signs  before they realized I was still on the course. It’s really easy to get lost when you are far away from home and running in a city you’ve never been to before.  I had to ask a friendly neighbor how to get back to the course. Lucky, he knew the way and I  managed to make it to the end before they took down the big “FINISH” sign.


I may not have come in first place,but I’m happy to say that I finished the race. My sweet Mom and kind sister were there waiting for me and they cheered when I came in. Everybody else had gone home.  The clean up van followed soon after me.

It makes a great story and some day when I come in 2nd to the last place I will stay and cheer for the person who comes in last.




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