Wonder Woman: Meet Brooke

Have you ever met a lighthouse keeper? I have. Her name is Brooke.


I met Brooke in high school. We were in choir together. I remember being impressed with Brooke’s enthusiasm for life and the happy, positive light she carried with her. Some people lose their light when they grow up and have to face the real world with all of its harsh critics and responsibilities. This wasn’t Brooke. Brooke’s light just grew more when faced with the trials of adulthood.

Brooke inspires others with her attitude and wise words. Here is one of Brooke’s words of wisdom. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the virtual world instead of the real world. It doesn’t even come close to comparison. Yet how many times do we choose a movie over playing with our children?” I’ve learned a lot from Brooke. After I read those words from her, I decided to take a Facebook fast for a week. I want to be in the real world.

Brooke will probably tell you she’s an ordinary person raising five children and teaching music lessons to a few neighborhood kids. That’s not the whole truth though. Brooke is a lighthouse keeper. She is a Mom to five children who each have their own little lights. A lighthouse keeper is the person responsible for tending and caring for the lights in the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper has to have her own light in order to shine and organize all of the other lights in her care. I’m glad I know her. Her light has helped me.

Wonder Women may think they are ordinary but the truth is that ordinary lives are made amazing by wonderful people.

Brooke is a Wonder Woman.