The Sad Party

Yesterday, I had a really rotten day. I tried all my usual let’s feel better tricks and nothing was working. It was obvious that I was sad.  I decided to embrace the feeling and host a sad party.  I got myself a bowl of ice cream and then I turned on the TV.  The news was a little too sad. I ended up watching the last 45 minutes of Titanic instead. I haven’t seen that movie since I was 19. I remember crying and crying when Leonardo DiCaprio died. It was so sad. Guess What? The movie is still sad as a 37 year old. It was the perfect movie for my sad party. I painted my nails and wrote sad poems during the commercial breaks.  I then stood in front of the mirror and made sad faces,  except that made me laugh because my faces looked silly.  I should have sad parties more often. It ended up being a lot of fun. Does anyone want to join my next sad party?

My latest challenge is to find one joyful moment in every day.  What is a joyful moment? A joyful moment is when something makes you smile, laugh or just feel a little tickle of joy inside your heart. My silly, sad faces in the mirror was my joyful moment.

Photo I like

I took this photo a few years ago on a trip to Florida. It was right before a thunderstorm. I like the picture because it can be seen in two ways. The storm is threatening the sunlight or the sun is breaking up the storm. Photography is cool in that way.