How to make me really happy

Today I got a package from my amazing brother John. It made my day. I absolutely love getting mail. It’s so much fun.  There is just something wonderful about letters, packages and magazines with your very own name on it.

As a child, I would wait for the mailman to come. One day we got a new mail carrier. Her name was Mary. I was thrilled to discover girls could deliver the mail. I was headed for a career with the post office. Then I discovered the tragic news that Mary didn’t get to keep all the mail in her truck. I made new career plans.


The first thing I do when I get home from vacation is to go to the post office and collect my held mail. I get my mail before I unpack my suitcase or even brush my hair. I have my priorities.

Question: How do you make me very happy?

Answer: Send me something in the mail. I love all mail. (OK, maybe not bills)