Wonder Women: Meet Laura


Have you ever met Martha Stewart? I don’t need to because I have met Laura.

Laura is a talented cook and party planner. She can take old clothes from a thrift store, add her own design to it and transform the old into a trendy new outfit. Her crafting abilities have blessed many people.  Laura’s story is powerful. It is real and shows the beauty that can be found in all of life’s experiences. The best way to honor her as a Wonder Women is to let her own words speak to you.

Laura says, “I guess my greatest accomplishment is my family. I am in the process of raising four amazingly talented, kind, beautiful children. I may have grown and nurtured them but they all came with their own unique personalities and talents. I feel like it has been my job to cultivate who they are. I feel like another of my accomplishments is my marriage. We are going on 12 years of marriage and we have endured the years well. We started out happy and have thus far maintained that happiness. I was married young and had a baby young and there were many who vocally doubted us but it never really bothered me. I’ve never really cared what people thought or said about me. So I guess the hardest struggle for me has been ME. I was a teen mother and therefore was afraid that I was a failure. I thought I was somehow not enough to be a good wife and mother. I have such an amazing family and husband who were and continue to be supportive and uplifting, they help me to know that everything will be alright. And of course I always had the Lord as my own cheerleader”.

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.