Wonder Women: Meet Alie


Have you ever met a magician? I have. Her name is Alie.

Today’s Wonder Women took difficult life circumstances and with the magic of grit, faith and hope turned those challenges into an opportunity for growth. Alie’s child Chris was born with several rare cognitive and physical disorders. She wished she could talk to other parents. She didn’t find such a support group in her area so she created a group to meet her needs and serve other parents. As Chris got older, Alie took on an advocate role to find resources and programs to meet her son’s needs. Her advocacy paid off and Chris recently graduated from high school. He works part-time and continues to grow and learn.

When her children were young, Alie found herself not only with difficult health challenges but the need to support her two children after a divorce. She went back to school and earned her degree in school counseling. Alie moved her family to a new state for a better job. She had the courage to date and fall in love again. As her daughter Becca got older, Alie wished she had a coach to help her with the college and scholarship application process. When she didn’t find any couching services that were reasonably priced, Alie created her own college coaching company.

Alie is a magician. She took hard life events and turned them into opportunities for growth.

Remember every woman’s success can be my success if I let it.

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