Wonder Women: Meet Kim

Kim S

Have you ever met someone who is brave? I have. Her name is Kim.

I met Kim when she started dating my brother Stephen. I was rooting for her the moment we met. I’m glad Stephen saw Kim’s goodness as well so she can be my sister-in-law. Kim is brave. She will send back  food in a restaurant that doesn’t meet her expectations. She asks for discounts at stores and gets it. Kim is a go-getter. She wanted to move up at work so she applied for a better position. In addition to her bravery, Kim is kind, intelligent and plays the guitar. She is a very busy person, but still has time to help my brother in making movies.

Kim is a Wonder Women. Despite the challenge of  working, attending graduate school and expecting a baby, she cultivates the beauty of her soul with activities that build her.

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.