Wonder Women: Meet Sophea


Have you ever met someone who has a heart of gold? I have. Her name is Sophea.

Sophea and I met at work. She loves bowling, teaching students and taking care of her dogs. When she isn’t working, Sophea enjoys spoiling her nieces and building new inventions for her amazing urban garden. Sophea’s garden could be in a magazine. She can grow anything and she can build anything!  You should check it out here.

Sophea's garden

Sophea lives her religion. As a Buddhist, Sophea believes in karma and the importance of helping others. She brought me dinner last year when I had my surgery. I always look forward to spending time with Sophea, because I know I will have fun and leave happy.

Sophea is a Wonder Women. Despite the challenge of coming to the US as a refugee and losing both her parents at an early age, she cultivates the beauty of her soul with activities that build her.

Remember every woman’s success can be my success if I let it.