I lost my cell phone last week. I went for a walk and the phone fell out of my pocket without me noticing it.  I looked all over the house for my phone. I looked in my car. I tore my desk apart at work trying to find my phone. I called my phone about ten times, because the first nine times I didn’t hear anything ring. I was quite frustrated about the missing phone. Finally, I gave up and told the Accountant that it was time to replace my dinosaur cell phone with a modern one.  We set up a time to go look at new phones.

Two days later, I got a call from my dear Mom. She wanted to know if I had lost my phone. Walking home from school, an honest girl had found my phone.  She gave the phone to her mother who used the contacts in my phone to call “Mom”.  It made my day to get my phone back and to know that there are honest people in the world.