Life Lesson


I have curly hair which means that I’ve had a lot of bad hair days over the years. Recently, I’ve had more good hair days than bad days. Let me tell you my story. One day, I saw a woman at the grocery store with beautiful curly hair. I followed her for ten minutes from isle to isle until I got up enough courage to ask who did her hair. I walked away with a phone number for a fancy salon.  When I called to set an appointment, a woman with a  European accent answered the phone. “We are running a special for new customers. It is only $100”. I’m the type of girl who clips coupons  so the price seemed absolutely scandalous. I was even more shocked when the receptionist told me that in this salon your hair will be cleansed and cut by a true hair artist, but all the styling is done by the patron. “What”, I cried. “I’m paying a $100 to do my own hair”. “It is part of our philosophy”, said the receptionist. “How will you do it at home if we style it?”

My appointment took three hours at the salon. Apparently, my hair artist had to spend longer with me than the typical client, because the receptionist kept coming in to let the artist know her next appointment was here. In the end, it was the best $100 I’ve ever spent. I have been much happier with my hair and I’ve learned two life lessons.

Lesson one: When you see people who have what you want, ask them how they got it.

Lesson two: It is okay to spend $100 on yourself.

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