You Decide

Hi America,

How would you like to help me pick my next challenge?  It won’t cost you anything either. I know that most of the music shows and dance contests charge people. I will let you vote for free. Please help me pick my next challenge.

What should I do next?

A)   Track  everything I eat and plan menus for the next 13 days

B)   Jump rope for 13 minutes every day for the next 13 days

C)   Write 13 positive affirmations about myself every day

D) Clean my house  (I read a study that said people with clean houses are healthier.)

Vote now.


One thought on “You Decide

  1. Ooh, I like jumping rope! But you already chose that, so good luck! Try listening to Andy Grammer while you do it. I also like cleaning my house. Well, I don’t like it actually. But I really like the results, so I vote for that, too. John makes fun of me sometimes (no, not really, but he wants to) because I can’t cook until I have cleaned the kitchen.

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