Challenge One Eat at Home

The last few days I have  been very contemplative about the state of the world. I keep thinking about the children I’ve taught over the years who are the same ages as the little ones who were shot. There is so much sadness and grief in this world.  There is also a lot of good and people who are saints and heroes.  It is hard to know what you will get when you go outside, but outside I must go. I can’t stay inside just because there is a part of me that is  afraid that I will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I’m not an expert on mental health issues, gun control, school safety and all of the other issue that have been brought up this weekend. I do know this though. We’ve got to ask the hard questions and find the answers that can heal our souls, homes, schools and nation.

I’m still working on my challenge to eat dinner at home. I’m on Day 7 now.  6 more days to go. The hubby and I will celebrate by going out to eat.