Wonder Women: Meet Mandy

Have you ever met a champion fighter? I have. Meet Mandy.

Mandy M

Mandy fights for her daughter Makayla by making sure she gets the experiences at home and in school that will help her grow and learn. Mandy is teaching her daughter how to be strong herself so she can be her own fighter someday. Mandy is a fighter for the sick and lonely by working as a caregiver.

These battles alone would warrant the title of champion fighter and a seat with the great Wonder Women of the world. However, Mandy is also a fighter because she fights for herself. She fights for her own health and happiness. And that is the greatest fight one can fight.

Mandy is a Wonder Woman.



One thought on “Wonder Women: Meet Mandy

  1. Amy, you are the sweetest! I never thought of myself as a Wonder Woman. After reading your thoughts I can honestly saw each of us females are Wonder Woman! Love ya!

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