Wonder Woman: Meet SJ

Have you ever met a mermaid? I have. Meet SJ.

SJ and guitar

You might be wondering how I know SJ is a mermaid. Well, she meets all the characteristics of the mystical ocean creature.  Mermaids are natural beauties. They have kind, generous personalities with a flair for love, beauty, music and romance. They have passion for living life by their own design. Mermaids can live in the water or on the land. Home is based on who and what they love. Their love isn’t defined by geographic or cultural boundaries. SJ  loves greatly. She’s kind, thoughtful, intelligent and creates a joyful atmosphere wherever she goes. SJ is an artist as she crafts intricate hairstyles in her career as a cosmetologist. She sings and plays instruments. She’s also a romantic soul, because she and her boyfriend write telegrams to each other. (That’s got to be the coolest, retro thing I’ve heard of in a long time.)


SJ is a Mermaid. She’s also a Wonder Woman because she is herself.


SJ the Mermaid

Be a Wonder Woman. Be yourself.