The Perfect Vacation


I had a perfect weekend. It was the type of vacation that I wish I could bottle up for those days that aren’t so fun. I spent time with dear friends and family just enjoying the simple things in life. Celebrating my cousin’s graduation. Eating Indian food. I love Indian food. Going for a walk around a lovely park. Laughing. Loving life. Singing Beatles songs where the Beatles actually sang their songs.  Listening to stories and telling a few of my own. I love stories. Eating more food. Can you tell I like eating food with the people I love? Watching people get chopped on a reality TV cooking shows. Going to a book store and just browsing. Getting back in time from vacation to attend church. Laughing some more while viewing the photos. And not checking my work e-mail for 3 whole days. It’s amazing what not checking your work e-mail messages does for your emotional health. This was a perfect vacation.

Cousin Carrie

If you haven’t taken a perfect vacation for a while, my challenge for you is to go take one. Every body needs a day off.