Wonder Women: Meet Karilee

Karilee S

Have you ever met someone who is a builder? I have. Her name is Karilee.

Karilee and I met in high school. She was an imaginative soul who loved to host parties at her home. She could also build things, loved science-fiction and ride motorcycles. As a kind person,Karilee went out of her way to ensure that everyone who entered her presence felt loved and welcomed. She continues her kind acts of love and creative projects today.  Karilee is a builder of a cool international project. She organized an effort to ship, share and deliver two LOST related teddy bears, George and Ginger, around the world in a year.  Her web sites to track the bears are very impressive. Check it out here and here. Karilee and her husband  dreamed about building their own home. I love the image of Karilee teaching her five active children  to use power tools as she and her husband Jason work together to build their own home. Karilee also builds others by donating blood to the Red Cross and donating her long hair to Locks of Love.

Karilee is a builder. Karilee is a Wonder Women.

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.