The Bed Bugs that Came to Sunday Dinner

It started off like any other family dinner. We talked about life, everybody’s health, the status of the world and politics. Then my sister asked,  “So, what did you learn at Church today?” I was thinking I would hear a report on prayer or the importance of service. Nope, Mom and Dad  began talking about bed bugs. My head started to itch. Apparently, the US is experiencing an increase in bed bug infestations so my parent’s congregation held a special meeting for the adults to talk about how to recognize bed bugs, prevent them and how to get rid of them should one of the pesky hitchhikers end up at your house.

My skin kept itching as I learned bed bugs are in restaurants, movie theaters, library books, buses, hotel bedding and maybe even in your house right now. By the time my folks were done educating us, my brother and sister were laughing at me.  I was itching my arms, legs and head.  My head continued to itch until I could get home and check my mattress. I was relieved to see nothing but a tag that says not to remove it.

In case you should find yourself needing this information, here is the government’s web site about bed bugs. You might get itchy reading it though!