There is a bowling alley in heaven. I’m sure of it. Today Sophea and I went bowling. She is a very good bowler. I’ve never beat her. Not even once. Not even had a higher score than her for one frame. It happened today. I was so excited. I started dancing, smiling and completely enjoying the moment of victory. 

Bowling Picture

Then, I bowled the fifth frame and Sophea went back to her normal record of beating me. But for one frame, I was the winner. After bowling, we met up with some friends for lunch. We were there for over two hours. There is nothing better than eating lunch with friends.


I ran out of hair conditioner so dear Sophea came with me to Wal-mart. We wandered up and down the aisles telling jokes about the various merchandise. We found these huge marshmallows that are the size of your hand. Sophea learned that she can do yoga in red shoes. We were laughing pretty hard about the hair conditioner. After I got home, I realized we took the photo in front of the feminine products. That made me laugh even  harder.

100_3600 100_3595

It was an amazing, joyful day. I know there is a bowling alley in Heaven, and there will also be a Sophea, Karen, Sara and all the other dear folks who bring me joy.

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