Memory Lane

Have you ever done something absolutely crazy, but it felt right and in the end you are glad you did?  Last summer, the Accountant and I went on a road trip to visit his awesome relatives in Vancouver.


While we were driving through a beautiful forest, when  we saw two young people hiking  with large backpacks and a little hitchhiking sign.  We passed by them.  I tried to ignore the feeling, because I could just imagine the end of our tragic tale. Two bodies found  after picking up kids with backpacks. Nathan said exactly what I was thinking. “We have to go back and pick up those kids. I really don’t want to get murdered, but it feels right to give them a ride”. Image

When it was time to say goodbye, we exchanged e-mails and took a few pictures. A week later, we got an e-mail. Shan’s mother was grateful and they were going to take the bus home. It makes a great story!