Be Brave and Ask for What you Want


Have you ever wanted something, but did not ask for it?  I do that some times. I’ll want something, but I won’t ask for it.  I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room ,and I kept seeing  kids come out with stickers. For some reason, I wanted one of those stickers.  It was a small thing, but in that moment I decided to ask for what I wanted.

Me: After this is done, I’d like a sticker please.

Technician: You’re an adult. You don’t need a sticker.

Me: It is just one sticker and you have a whole roll over there.

Technician: You know you are really too old to get a sticker. Adults can be brave and have tests without stickers.

Me: Yeah, but it is a lot easier to brave when you know you get a prize at the end.

(At this point, I realized that asking wasn’t working. She wasn’t going to budge. I needed to try a different approach.)

Me: I write a blog on  the adventures of doing 13 day challenges. Give me a sticker and I’ll write that you are best technician in this entire place.

Technician: (chuckles) Ok, here is your sticker.

I got my sticker.  Thank you Susan. You are the best technician in this entire place!

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