Be Brave and Get Rid of a Dress


For today’s brave activity, I got rid of my old Winter Formal dress. The dress has been in my closet for the last 15 years. It is hopelessly out of date and no longer fits me.  My closet is not that big so I would see it two or three times a week.  I wouldn’t think about the lovely date I had while wearing the dress. Nope, I would think about the weight I’ve gained since high school. Well, today I took that dress out of my closet and put in a bag for thrift store. Who knows someone might buy it for a 1990’s themed party? Winter Formal was fun. I still have the picture and a nice memory, but I don’t need to beat myself up over gaining  weight.  It is time to brave and accept who I am today and not use an old dress as a trigger for negative thinking.

What’s in your closet you need to remove?