My 10th Challenge:Clean Up

Cleaning picture

My next challenge is to clean. Don’t get the wrong idea here. I am not a candidate for the Hoarders show. The Accountant and I are everyday folks. We try to keep a tidy house, however sometimes we collect things or let small cleaning projects slide. My 10th challenge is to organize, clean or tidy up just one area in our home each day for the next 13 days.  It can be small cleaning project like emptying out my purse or larger one such as organizing the kitchen. I won’t be doing it all alone. The Accountant will be cleaning too. It will be a fun adventure!

The Practical Reason

I  have very curly hair. I usually let it air dry, but once every two years or so I decide to blow my hair dry. Last week, I decided to use the blow dryer.  I could not find it. I looked all over the house for it.  After a long search, I bought a new one at the store. Two days after forking out $20 for a new hair dryer,  I found my old hair dryer in a drawer full of seldom used items. At first, I was mad. After I got over being mad, I realized that I had lots of little projects and drawers that needed to be cleaned.

The Philosophy Reason

It just feels better to be more organized. It might even save me some money as I won’t have to buy another hair dryer.

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