Introduction: My 3rd 13 Day Challenge

I recently watched a great documentary called Hungry for Change. In the documentary, it showed a girl drinking a vegetable smoothie so she could eat more veggies every day. She was smiling and seemed so happy drinking down her vegetables. I want to be a happy smiling girl ,so I decided to make  vegetable-fruit drinks for the next 13 days.  Here is my first attempt to make a green smoothie.

I looked in my refrigerator and anything healthy looking I put in the blender. I had lettuce, celery, Brussels sprouts, blueberries and  a pineapple chunk. Yes, it tasted very green.  I think I need to go online and look up some recipes for how to make vegetable smoothies taste good.  Dear Readers, please send recipes to me. I need help with this challenge.

Day One

The Practical Reason

Fruits and vegetables have many health benefits. I’ve read that vegetables can help with your digestion, prevent a bunch of diseases and can keep your skin looking young. Sign  me up for all of those things.

The Philosophy Reason

Each week, I buy fruits and vegetables at the store. I eat some of them, but much of the produce spoils before I can finish it.  I throw out the moldy tomato that we didn’t eat, and I wonder about all the energy and time that went into the tomato. The farmer that planted it, the workers who picked it and put it on the truck or grocery shelf.  I think about the time I spent at my job to earn the money to buy the tomato.  So much energy and time and I’m dumping that tomato into  the trash.  I’ve wondered how many good things I’m letting go to waste.   I am hoping that making these green smoothies will help me waste less food.

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