What I learned from My First 13 Day Challenge

Thirteen days ago, I decided to become my own self-help guru. My first challenge was to eat dinner at home for thirteen days. Twenty-one days seemed too hard, but thirteen sounded doable. And it was doable. I did it. Here is what I learned on my first challenge.

Eating at home equals dishes.

Fast food sounds better at 5:30 p.m  after a long day of work than any other time.

It takes planning to accomplish any goal. Eating dinner at home requires planning.

I have a lot of food in my freezer that I don’t remember buying at the store.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. I will be starting my 2nd   13 day challenge.  In case you wondered, the Accountant and I bought a make and bake pizza to celebrate that we survived the first 13 day challenge.100B1850